1. What are the benefits I get by joining MRA?

You will have the opportunity to explore other trades and expand your business network through MRA’s collaboration with members and other industry players, as well as approved local and foreign organisations namely Federation of Asia-Pacific Retailers Association (FAPRA) – infochatz & get-together events.

You will be able to participate in training workshops, dialogues, forums, conferences and retail-related exhibitions.

You will get up-to-date information on latest Government policies, incentives, legislation, enactments, procedures and practices, as well as Quarterly Retail Sales reports.


2. How can MRA help my business?

Where there are matters that affect the retail industry, MRA will represent members to address concerns with various respective Government ministries and agencies, local Councils and NGO’s via meetings, dialogue sessions, submission of memoranda and proposals.

Your outlet will benefit from our flagship programme, “MRA’s Race to the Top – Mystery Shopper Program”. Should you participate, as it will help to enhance your business outlets’ retail services from feedback given by the judges who are experienced, retail practitioners.

If your outlet plays music, you will get special preferential rates for payment on Music Copyright license fees through our joint-agreement with Music Rights Malaysia Berhad (MRM).


3. How much is the Membership fee?

Ordinary & Affiliate Members – Entrance fee is RM2,000.00, and Annual Subscription Fee is based on annual turnover.

Associate Member – Entrance fee is RM500.00, and Annual Subscription Fee is RM300.00.

  • Given our 2019 Membership Recruitment Drive Campaign currently in force, Entrance Fees for Ordinary, Affiliate and Associate Membership have been waived.

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4. What is the difference between Ordinary, Affiliate and Associate Member?

Ordinary & Associate Members are Retailers.

Affiliate Members are Non-Retailer but in retail-related businesses.


5. What is the difference between Ordinary and Associate Member?

Ordinary Members must meet membership criteria.

If you do not meet the membership criteria, you will become an Associate Member.

*ONLY Ordinary Members are entitled to exercise the right to vote at Annual General Meetings.

6. Can I opt to become an Associate Member even if I qualify to become an Ordinary Member?

No, if you are qualified as an Ordinary Member, you cannot opt to become Associate Member.

7. If I apply to become a member in June, what is the membership fee like?

Should your application be approved in June, you will pay entrance fee together with subscription fee that will be pro-rated according to the number of months remaining in the year.


Let us know if you have any enquiry or question about us. We’ll try our best to help you.

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