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Stop The Spread | Covid-19

Dear MRA Members,

For Malaysia and the world, the past few weeks have been unprecedented, as we see the global toll COVID-19 has taken.

For the retail industry, the disruption has been profound. Retail businesses were experiencing the stress of the unknown and upheaval in their business, work and personal lives, as you also worry and care for your family members, friends, neighbours and colleagues.

That said, much work remains and we, at MRA, endeavour to continue our steadfast outreach and advocacy with our Government and to underscore our commitment to supporting you for the days and months ahead as you navigate through this most challenging of times, every step on this journey to recovery.

For the moment, we are in uncharted territory as we all work our way through, but we want you to know that the MRA will be your voice during the COVID-19 recovery. We’ll work with our Governments to encourage financial support for all aspects of our industry. We’ll form collaboration when the time comes to show the world that our retail business is taking place safely and we are a vital element to restoring our economic and social quality of life.

We care about you. Please know that you are not alone — the MRA community is always just a click away. We are carefully monitoring and providing updates from the MKN, KKM, MITI and many other related Government Agencies. We all need to heed their SOPs and recommendations to minimize the spread of infection.

We don’t know how long this will last, but we do know our retail industry is resilient. We’re keeping our sights, and we’re depending on the MRA community’s ingenuity, passion, spirit and experience to see us through. Let’s do what we can support and uplift one another — positive sharing or even a text can make a big difference.

Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,

MRA Secretariat

Here are the Hotlines for you to obtain emergency aids :

Malaysia National Security Council (MKN)

Malaysia Government Call Centre (MyGCC)

  • Tel: 03-8000 8000

Ministry of Health (MOH)

  • Tel: 03-8881 0200 / 03-8881 0600 / 03 8881 0700

Ministry of International Trade &Industry (MITI)

  • Tel: 03-6208 4949

Ministry of Domestic Trade & Consumer Affairs (MDTCA)

  • Tel: 03-8882 6088 / 03-8882 6245

Ministry of Human Resources (MOHR)

  • Tel: 03-8889 2359 / 03-8886 2409 / 03-8890 3404

Pertubuhan Keselamatan Sosial (PERKESO)

  • Tel: 03-8091 5100 / 03-4264 5555 / 1-300-22-8000

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