Membership Category

MRA Membership Category

Ordinary Member

a) The applicant must have carried on the business as a retailer for not less than one (1) year at the date of application and must have and advocate proper store display and pricing of goods displayed for sale; whether in physical or an online store ; and

b) Must have retail space of at least 10,000 sq. ft. in area; or

c) Must have operated a chain of at least 10 outlets; or

d) Must have operated a chain of at least 25 consignment counters; or

e) Must have an annual sales turnover of at least RM5 million and above.


Associate Member

a) Must have carried on the business as a retailer but do not meet the criteria of an Ordinary Member as set out above.

b) Associate Member shall be eligible to be upgraded to Ordinary Member if they have met the criteria.


Affiliate Member

a) Not carrying on business as a retailer but being closely associated directly or indirectly with the retail industry.

Membership Fee

Ordinary & Affiliate Members

Entrance fee is RM2,000.00  and

Annual Subscription Fee is based on annual turnover.


Turnover Subscription Fee
Up to RM100 million RM2,000.00
Above RM100 million RM4,000.00


Associate Member

a) Entrance fee is RM 2,000.00

b) Annual Subscription Fee is RM 500.00


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