APRCE 2017

Presentation Slides

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Day 2

Michelle Grant - Key growth trends for Asia retailing updated 25 Oct 2017.pptx
Roger Wang - Building a New Interactive Retail Platform (Ⅱ) updated 24 Oct 2017.pptx
Fang Wei - Back to Retail Origin create new retial transformation model update 25 Oct.pptx
Yotetsu Hayashi - (ENGLISH) Aiming for more growth challenges for future retailting industry in Japan.pptx
Shaun Chong - Retail Business Environment in South East Asia (received 24 Oct).pptx
Datuk Alfred Cheng - The making of SOGO Malaysia - our journey into the future update 25 Oct.pptx
Kazuki Furuya - Management of Seven-Eleven update 26 Oct.pptx
Shah Karim - Introduction update 25 Oct.pptx
Howard Saunders - The Evolving Dynamics of Retail (MAC book).pdf

Day 3

John Peeters - The Art Creativeity & Design in Retailing.pptx
Hoseok Kim-Omni - Channel is the new Retail Reality update 26 Oct 2017.pptx
Qian Fangzheng - Be Open and Innovate to share and Empower.pptx
Joanne Denney - Finch - The Art of Being World Class in F&B update 26 Oct 2017.pptx
Benjamin Yong - Taking the shopping experiene to a whole new dimension in dining & retailing.pptx
Yukio Kawano - The Present Condition of Japanese Retail Business (supermarket) and Challenges in the future.pptx
Chen Xiao Dong- New Retail Trends updated 26 Oct 2017.pptx
Chan Kok Long - Online Payment disruption and creating blue ocean updated 27 Oct 2017.pptx
Hu Ying - Persistence and Innovation - Payment methods in the new retails era.pptx
Soichi Okazaki-AEON Basic Philosophy updated 26 Oct 2017.pdf