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Retail Conference at Istana Hotel, Kuala Lumpur on 26 April 2018

Anil Konidena, head of South East Asia at Landmark Group, Dubai spoke on Beyond Sustainability covering experiential retail.

On the evolution to revolution in retail, Anil talked about engagement between the customer, channel and product. However, he espoused that in reality, accessibility, affinity, affordability and availability are the engaging factors in market dynamics.

Anil also drew attention to the relevant ingredients of scale, flexibility, enhanced lifestyle as in the use of a paper cup or plastic cup, experience, and continuous engagement – whether physically engaged or a circumstantial engagement.

Introducing Landmark group as the largest non-food group in the Middle East, Africa and India, he said it doubled its store count to 2,450 in four years across 21 countries, totalling 30 million sq ft.

It is the region’s largest privately-owned logistics and distribution hub. Max in Kuala Lumpur is five stores strong, increasing to seven by May 2018 while Babyshop, also located in Kuala Lumpur, uses a touch screen to pay.


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