Companies who are members of the Malaysia Retailers Association enjoy the following value adding benefits:

Representation of our industry’s issues, concerns and problems to have various Government’s Ministries, Local and Municipal Councils and bodies via meetings and annual dialogue

Up-to-date Information on the latest Government’s policies, incentives, legislation’s enactment’s, procedures and practices.

Guidance and Advice on all industry’s matters whenever possible that affect the industry

Trade and Business Network through MRA’s collaboration with our members and with numerous approved (by our Board of Council) organizations both internationally and domestically.

Participation in both international and domestic trade shows, conventions and exhibitions, if any

Circulars and Data:
Quarterly retail statistical data
Circulars pertaining to Government’s announcement and decision affecting the industry

Participation in industry studies and exchange programmes (if any), training workshops, forums, conferences and etc.

Some of our latest programmes were :-

Training Workshop
Training Workshop on Retail Security & Loss Prevention
The Way to Improve Store Profitability
Training Workshop on Misconduct & Domestic Inquiry Procedures
2-Days Intensive GST Training Workshop with Royal Malaysian Customs Department

Conference on Retailing Challenges & Opportunities in an Economy Downturn

Forum on Loss Prevention Strategies

Access to activities of the Federation of Asia-Pacific Retailers Associations – The 14th Asia-Pacific Retailers Convention & Exhibition